Opening night!
Submitted 02/09/2017 by Keeley -

Opening night was a huge success!  So pleased with everyone's reaction as they looked around the boutique and at the dresses.  We finally got to see that our hard work (and the blisters, bruises and lack of sleep) in getting to this stage was all worth it :-) 

Phew, almost there..
Submitted 20/08/2017 by Keeley -

To say the last few weeks has been a tad busy for us is an understatement.  If it stands still long enough it's been painted, sanded or cleaned - or all three!

My first blog!
Submitted 01/08/2017 by Keeley -

Owning my own bridal shop has been a dream of mine for pretty much all of my adult life and was always one of those “wouldn’t it be good if…” conversations - I’m sure we all have those, don’t we?  So when the same subject cropped up whilst out with the hubby one day I never thought much of it at