Sunshine and Flowers!

Don't want to jinx it but we are having fantastic weather right now!  Ok so it's supposed to rain a little tomorrow BUT it's for one day so we can cope with that can't we.  The garden won't need watering - every cloud etc..  There's something about this lovely weather that puts us in a good mood - everything seems easier, we have a spring in our step and we're just generally lovely to each other.

When I speak to people and they find out that we have Eden Wedding Boutique one of the first things they say to me is "oh you always have lovely windows".  We change our window weekly when we can and we take great delight in seeing people admire them, our way of spreading the joy if you like.  So, with that, I don't think you'll be disappointed with this week's beauty.  The fabulous Lisa Ellwood at Flower World has made us the best flower hoops - I'm a little obsessed.  I couldn't resist adding one to this week's window along with a gorgeous slim fit gown by La Sposa - the perfect simple Summer look.

So when you walk by, stop and take a look - we're proud of our little shop and we love that you love it too!

P.S. If you happen to walk by and my flower hoop has fallen down please can you let me know - my DIY skills leave a lot to be desired.


Keeley xx